PPE for Education

Face Shields for Students, Teachers & the Classroom

The ICU Shield is the most versatile solution to keep teachers and students safe in the classroom. ICU Shield gives teachers and administrators the ability to continually monitor student body temperatures with just a glance, empowering them with the ability to identify and isolate potential infections quickly.

The ICU shield allows teacher to safely move about the classroom and share their joy of teaching with full facial visibility. The lightweight, minimalistic design and adjustable sizing strap make the ICU shield as comfortable to wear as a hat, making it perfect for extended use over the course of a school day. The Stay In Place Pivot System (SIPP™) means that students and teachers can adjust eyewear, enjoy their lunch or have a drink without removing their ICU Shield. After all, the best personal protective equipment is the one you use regularly and appropriately.

Students have unique socialization needs and thrive when given the opportunity to interact in face-to-face collaboration in the classroom. A system of good classroom hygiene, frequent hand washing, and use of the ICU Shield is a responsible approach for schools to open their doors to students and staff during the school year. Students and teachers can continue to engage in meaningful classroom interactions and feel protected in a safe and clean environment.