Q: How do you read the thermometer?
A: Make sure the thermometer is making good contact with the forehead just above the eyebrows. The temperature boxes will start to light up. When the boxes stop moving the correct temperature will be indicated in green. If green does not appear, temperature is between blue and tan.

Q: How accurate is the ICU Shield Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer?
A: The ICU Shield Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer is accurate to within +/-1◦F (0.6◦C)

Q: Is the ICU Shield Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer as accurate as a clinical thermometer?
A: Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometers are designed to be unbreakable, noninvasive, quick reading devices that reliably indicate core body temperature by indirectly measuring the surface body temperature of the forehead, whereas clinical thermometers (oral/rectal) directly measure core body temperature. Unusual Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer readings should be verified by a clinical thermometer.

Q: How do you clean the ICU Shield?
A: The ICU Shield can be cleaned with soap and water, alcohol, and other household or commercially available disinfectants. Avoid exposure to UV light.

Q: Can the ICU Shield be used outdoors?
A: The ICU shield can be used indoors and outdoors, but the Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer is only accurate when used indoors at normal room temperatures. Environmental temperatures and direct sunlight might affect the performance of the Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer.

Q: How do I store the ICU Shield?
A: Store at 60 to 104◦F in 15 to 95% RH; optimal storage at 60 to 80◦F in 40 to 60% RH.