As the frontline in the fight against the pandemic, healthcare workers are entitled to the best, most functional, and effective personal protective equipment available.  The ICU Shield is the next generation of PPE for the healthcare industry that combines protection AND monitoring in and affordable, functional, and comfortable solution.

With an FDA-approved Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer built into the forehead strap, the ICU Shield provides constant body temperature monitoring to identify and isolate potential infections before they spread.

The ICU Shield is as comfortable to wear as a baseball cap.  Infinitely adjustable and constructed of lightweight, flexible materials, the ICU Shield is designed to be comfortably worn over the course of long shifts without pain or discomfort.  The ICU Shield’s Stay In Place Pivot System (SIPP System™) encourages consistent use by allowing the user to adjust eyewear, eat, and drink without removing the equipment.

Healthcare workers are at increased risk for acquiring infections purely as a result of doing their jobs. Face shields provide better coverage of the face, thus reducing the risk of self-contamination. They are also durable and can be cleaned and reused repeatedly. Given their design, strength and reuse potential, these shields are less likely to face shortages like face masks. A critical factor in the medical field, the ICU face shield will not impede facial nonverbal communication or impact vocalization.