The ICU Shield provides best-in-class protection to your employees and gives your guests the peace of mind that they are being attended to by someone that is healthy and cares about their wellbeing.   Bring back the full guest experience by facilitating full face visibility of your staff and let them know you are taking their safety seriously by continually monitoring your staff’s body temperature.  Bring the smile back to Hospitality.

The ICU Shield is as comfortable to wear as a baseball cap.  Infinitely adjustable and constructed of lightweight, flexible materials, the ICU Shield is designed to be comfortably worn over the course of long shifts without pain or discomfort.  The ICU Shield’s Stay In Place Pivot System (SIPP System™) encourages consistent use by allowing the user to adjust eyewear, eat, and drink without removing the equipment.

The demand for facial protection in all industries is rapidly rising. From front-line critical care workers, to dentists, restaurant owners, food plant workers, and hair stylists, face shields serve as a more functional alternative to cloth face masks. The ICU Shield is designed to protect users and make people feel comfortable as they venture out of their homes. The shield offers a solution that allows workers to breathe easily and clearly communicate while protecting themselves and customers.